Saturday, September 24, 2022

The Dowager Marchioness of Bath 1943-2022

The Dowager Marchioness of Bath, who died 17 September, 2022, in Paris, aged 78, was the widow of the eccentric aristocrat the 7th Marquess of Bath [1932-2020], and was the former chateleaine of Longleat, one of the great houses of Britain. Her husband was a tabloid favourite, not only for his picturesque appearance and peculiar artistic tastes but for his string of mistresses, whom he referred to as his wifelets (he reckoned there to have been around 74 of them).

The Marchioness was the former Anna Gaël Gyarmathy [the actress Anna Gaël], and was born in Budapest, 27 September, 1943, daughter of Laszlo Izsak Gyarmathy, of Los Angeles, California.

Her films and tv credits include Mademoiselle de la Ferté (1965), The Love Factor [1969], and Nana [1970], Red Haired Revolver [1973], Karetekas and Co [TV mini series 1973], Bedmania [1974], Blue Blood [1974], Dracula and Son [1976], Maxim's Porter [1976], Holiday Hotel [1978], Sweeney 2 [1978], and We're Not Angels ... Neither Are They [1981].

She married 9 May, 1969, the then Alexander George Thynne [later Thynn], styled Viscount Weymouth, son and heir of the 6th Marquess of Bath [1905-92], and his first wife the former Hon Daphne Winifred Louise Vivian [1904-97], daughter of the 4th Baron Vivian [1878-1940]. 

The Marquess of Bath admitted that he married partly in order to father a legitimate heir for the family estate, and after fulfilling this duty the Marchioness led a separate life with her own lover in Paris, returning to Longleat for occasional weekends.

Her husband, beloved by the tabloid press as 'the Loins of Longleat' succeeded his father as 7th Marquess of Bath, 30 June, 1992. The family seat at Longleat is one of the best examples of Elizabethan architecture in Britain set in 9,000 Wiltshire acres. Lord Bath died from Covid-19, 4 April, 2020.

The Dowager Marchioness of Bath is survived by a daughter, Lady Lenka Abigail Thynn [born 20 Oct, 1969], and by a son, Ceawlin Henry Laszlo Thynn, the 8th Marquess of Bath [born 6 June, 1974].


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