Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The Coronation of King Charles III

 Rumours abound regarding the date of King Charles III's Coronation. Saturday June 3 2023 is a date circulating on social media, coming via Bloomberg News. The date is significant because it is the anniversary of the birth, in 1865, of King George V, founder of the Royal House of Windsor, and the great-grandfather of His Majesty the King. Friday June 2 2023, is the 70th anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

In modern times the Sovereign has chosen the date of his his/her Coronation after consulting the Prime Minister and Cabinet. In recent history the date chosen for the Westminster Abbey ceremony has been in late spring or summer. The Coronation of King George IV, took place on 19 July, 1821. Since then all Coronations have taken place in Spring or Summer months. George IV's successor, his brother, William IV, was crowned on 8 September, 1831. Queen Victoria, George V, and Elizabeth II were crowed in June, and Edward VII, whose Coronation was planned for June 1902, was crowned in August, due to a sudden illness.

In modern times the lapse of time between the accession of the monarch and the Coronation has been a year to 18-months. The late Queen ascended the throne on 6 February, 1952, and was crowned sixteen months later on 2 June, 1953. George VI, who succeeded to the throne on the abdication of his elder brother, Edward VIII, chose to be crowned on the date set for his brother's crowning, and was crowned, speedily for modern times, after 5 months.

Of our monarchs since William the Conqueror in 1066, only three were never crowned. The 'Boy King' Edward V, murdered in the Tower of London in 1485, Lady Jane Grey, executed in 1553, and Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne in December, 1936.

Monarchs in the Middle Ages were often crowned days or weeks after succeeding to the throne for obvious reasons. The anointing and crowning of the monarch was hurried through to lend him immediate credence and authority, in an age where the succession was not as secure as it is nowadays.

 William the Conqueror was crowned on Christmas Day 1066, weeks after usurping the Crown at the Battle of Hastings. King Stephen was crowned on Boxing Day 1135, three weeks after becoming King. Edward I, unusually, waited almost 2 years to be crowned from Nov 1272 to Aug 1274.

It is thought that the Duke of Norfolk, whose role as Earl Marshal it is to organise great state occasions, has a detailed plan for Charles III's coronation already in place. The Earl Marshal is reported to have had lengthy meetings with the Royal Household in the years since he succeeded as Duke of Norfolk in 2002.

A summer Coronation is surely being considered, and in the summer of 2023. I cannot imagine that the public will be asked to throng the streets and flood into London in their thousands during an autumn or winter month. I cannot see King Charles III, now 73, waiting for 18 months or two years go in State to Westminster Abbey for his crowning, which therefor gives the authorities a very short time period for fixing the date which will fall between late April and mid-September next year. Charles III's beloved grandfather, George VI, was crowned on 12 May, a Friday in 2023. The seventieth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation, 2 June, is also a Friday. Queen Victoria was crowned on 28 June, 1838, and that date in 2023, is a Wednesday. 

The next Coronation will be the first where the Queen Consort is also crowned in almost a century. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth were crowned in 1937. 

The Coronation date is always proclaimed with ceremony, and a Coronation Commission convened. In 1952 the commission opened in April, with the Duke of Edinburgh in the chair. Other committees were chaired by the then Duke of Norfolk. We await his Majesty's decision with anticipation. 

From Accession to Coronation:-

William the Conqueror - 14 Oct-25 Dec 1066

William II - 9 Sept 1087-26 Sept 1087

Henry I - 2 Aug 1100-6 Aug 1100

Stephen - 1 Dec 1135-26 Dec 1135

Henry II - 25 Oct 1154-19 Dec 1154

Richard 1 - 6 July 1189-3 Sept 1189

John - 6 Apr 1199-27 May 1199

Henry III - 19 Oct 1216-28 Oct 1216

Edward I -16 Nov 1272-19 Aug 1274

Edward II -7 July 1307 - 25 Feb 1308

Edward III - 25 Jan 1327-2 Feb 1327

Richard II -21 June 1377-16 July 1377

Henry IV -30 Sept 1399-13 Oct 1399

Henry V -20 March 1413-9 Apr 1413

Henry VI -31 Aug 1422-6 Nov 1429

Edward IV- 4 March 1461-28 June 1461

Edward V - 9 Apr 1483- not crowned

Richard III -26 June 1483 -6 July 1483

Henry VII - 22 Aug 1485-30 Oct 1485

Henry VIII -21 Apr 1509-24 June 1509

Edward VI - 28 Jan 1547-20 Feb 1547

Lady Jane Grey - not crowned

Mary I - 19 July 1553-1 Oct 1553

Elizabeth I - 17 Nov 1558-15 Jan 1559

James I - 24 March 1603-25 July 1603

Charles I -27 March 1625-2 Feb 1626

Charles II -8 May 1660-23 Apr 1661

James II - 6 Feb 1685-23 Apr 1685

William & Mary -13 Feb 1689-11 Apr 1689

Anne - 8 Mar 1702-23 Apr 1702

George I - 1 Aug 1714-20 Oct 1714

George II - 11 June 1727-11 Oct 1727

George III - 25 Oct 1760-22 Sept 1761

George IV - 29 Jan 1820-19 July 1821

William IV - 26 June 1830-8 Sept 1831

Victoria - 20 June 1837-28 June 1838

Edward VII - 22 Jan 1901-9 Aug 1902

George V - 6 May 1910-22 June 1911

Edward VIII - 20 Jan 1936 - not crowned

George VI - 11 Dec 1936-12 May 1937

Elizabeth II - 6 Feb 1952-2 June 1953

Charles III - 8 Sept 2022-

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