Thursday, September 01, 2022

Sylvia Forbes Adam (born 2022)

 Hermione Sylvia A. Forbes Adam (nee Hasell-McCosh, born 1987), wife of [Crispin] Beilby Forbes Adam [born 20 April, 1987], scion of the Adam baronets, gave birth to a daughter, Sylvia, 25 August, 2022.

Beilby Forbes Adam is a son of Charles David Forbes Adam [born 8 Oct, 1957], of Skipwith Hall, North Yorkshire, by his wife the former Rosalind Cecilia Colvile.

Hermione Forbes Adam is the elder daughter of Robert B Hasell-McCosh, of Dalemain, Cumbria, by his wife the former Elizabeth J Halsey.

Beilby Forbes Adam is a grandson of Sir Nigel Colin Forbes Adam, 5th Baronet [born 7 Dec, 1930].


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