Thursday, June 23, 2022

Crosbie Dawson/Cox engagement

 The engagement was announced 23 June, 2022, between Robert Hugo Crosbie Dawson [born 1992], son of the late Thomas Crosbie Dawson [1956-2021], and his wife the former Hon Katherine Jane Joicey [born 20 Apr, 1959] [now the Hon Mrs Crosbie Dawson, of Pawston House, Mindrum, Northumberland], and Edwina Georgina S. Cox [born 1992], daughter of Maj Christopher John Godman Cox [born 13 March, 1957], of Banks Fee Farm, Longborough, Gloucestershire, and his wife, the former Charlotte A.J. MacEwen [born 1960]

Robert Crosbie Dawson is a grandson maternally of the late 4th Baron Joicey [1925-1993].

Edwina Cox is a descendant of the 3rd Baron Foley.


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