Friday, June 17, 2022

Birkbeck/Fermor-Hesketh marriage

  The marriage took place, June, 2022, between Oliver Benjamin Birkbeck (born 3 Apr 1973), scion of the Birkbeck landed gentry family and descended from the Royal House, son of John Oliver Charles Birkbeck (born 22 June 1936) of Litcham Hall, Norfolk, by his wife the former Hermione Anne Dawes [born 5 Dec, 1941] {descended from the Armytage Bts} & the Hon Sophia Christian Fermor-Hekseth [born 1984], daughter of the 3rd Baron Hesketh [born 28 October, 1950], and his wife the Hon Claire Georgina Watson [born 7 January, 1952], daughter of the 3rd Baron Manton [1924-2003].

The couple have a son, Frankie, born in 2021.

It is Ollie Birkbeck's second marriage. His first, on 12 May, 2018, was to the Hon Laura Mary Trenchard [born 20 Dec 1987], daughter of the 3rd Viscount Tremchard [born 12 March 1951], and his wife the former Hon Fiona Elizabeth Morrison [born 11 Nov, 1954], daughter of the 2nd Baron Margadale [1930-2003].

Ollie is descended from King William IV and his mistress Dorothea Jordan:-

King William IV > George FitzClarence, 1st Earl of Munster > William FitzClarence, 2nd Earl of Munster > Hon Harold FitzClarence > Lady Wilhelmina Joan FitzClarence > John Oliver Charles Birkbeck > Oliver Benjamin Birkbeck


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