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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Max Alfred Montgomery Grimstone [born 2020]

_. Laura A. Grimstone [nee Cushnie], wife of Toby Stephen Gunnar Grimstone [born 9 October, 1975], gave birth to a son, Max Alfred Montgomery, 17 March, 2020, a brother for Emily Irene Kitty, who was born in 2017, and a half-brother for Charlie, Jamie and Billy.

Toby Grimstone is a son of Sir Gerald Edgar [Gerry] Grimstone. Knt [born 1949], by his former wife the former Hon Janet Elizabeth Gudrun Suenson-Taylor [born 26 June, 1949], scion of the Barons Grantchester, daughter of the 2nd Baron Grantchester [1921-1995].

Toby Grimstone has three sons [above mentioned] from his marriage in 2000 to Samantha Bowser.

Laura Grimstone is a daughter of John Cushnie, of Killyleagh, by his wife Wilma.



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