Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Robin Arthur Guinness 1925-2019

_. Robin Arthur Guinness, who died 17 October, 2019, was a member of the eponymous brewing dynasty. He was born in 1925 the son of John Cecil Cope Jenkinson Guinness [1890-1970], by his wife the former Betty Knowles Davies [1902-76]; married 1952, Judith Anne Hare [1925-86], daughter of Clifford Pitts Hare [1881-1958], of Scarcroft Manor, Thorner, near Leeds, by his wife the former Martha Annie Sykes [1890-1986], by whom he had a son Andrew, and daughter, Alina.

The funeral service takes place at St Edmund, Hardingstone, 2 Nov, 2019.


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