Monday, October 28, 2019

Paget/Dingemans engagement

_. The engagement was announced 28 October, 2019, between Harry Arthur Westwood Paget [born 2 July, 1986], elder son of the Rev Richard Campbell Paget, of Brenchley, Kent, by his wife the former Henrietta Maria Elizabeth Sweeting [born 31 October, 1953], & Phoebe A. Dingemans, elder daughter of Sir James Michael Dingemans [the Hon Mr Justice Dingemans] [born 25 June, 1964] a Judge of the Queen's Bench Division, and Lady Dingemans, of Lindfield, West Sussex.

Harry is a descendant of King Charles II via the Beauclerk Dukes of St Albans and is descended from Topham Beauclerk and the first Lady Diana Spencer [1734-1808].


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