Saturday, August 10, 2019

Tatiana Cicely Antoinette Bromet [born 2019]

_. Eloise Cleo Bromet [nee Corbett, born 1975], wife of Edward Anthony Bromet [born 1969], gave birth to a daughter, Tatiana Cicely Antoinette, 3 August, 2019.

Edward is the son of the late John Anthony Bromet [1927-2001], of Wighill, near Tadcaster, by his wife the former Charlotte Imogen Woollcombe Smith [b 1943- d] scion of the Samuel Smith brewing dynasty, and descended maternally from the Woollcombe landed family.

Eloise Bromet is a daughter of [Raymond] Panton Corbett by his wife Dame Antoinette Sibley, DBE [born 1939], the former Prima Ballerina with the Royal Ballet.

Edward Bromet's first wife was the Hon Victoria Neville [born 1970] a daughter of the 10th Baron Braybrooke [1932-2017], and a sister of the Countess of Derby.


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