Friday, August 16, 2019

Mária Erzsébet Ilona Anna Josefa Walpurga Lockwood 1944-2019

_. Mária Erzsébet Ilona Anna Josefa Walpurga "Mausi" Lockwood, who died 15 August, 2019, aged 74, was a scion of the Eszterházy dynasty.

She was born at Budapest, 12 Nov, 1944, daughter of Jozsef Mária Dániel Kazmer Ferenc Rudolf László János Evangelista Eustachius Eszterhazy [1917-80], by his first wife Elisabeth Princess zu Windisch-Grätz, a relative of Princess Michael of Kent.

Since the 17th century, the family were among the great landowner magnates of the Kingdom of Hungary during the time it was part of the Habsburg Monarchy and later Austria-Hungary.
During the history of the Habsburg empire, the Esterházys were consistently loyal to the Habsburg rulers. They received the title of count in 1626 and the Forchtenstein line received the title of Fürst (Ruling Prince) from the Holy Roman Emperor in 1712.

She married at Geneva, 10 September, 1976, John Sugden Lockwood [born 1938], who predeceased her.


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