Sunday, September 15, 2013

Meade/Marsham marriage

.The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry attended the marriage on Saturday 14 Sept, 2013, at St Nicholas Parish Church, Gayton, Norfolk, of James Richard Meade (b 1981), elder son of Richard John Hannay Meade, OBE (b 4 Dec 1936), the equestrian, of West Littleton, Wiltshire, by his wife the former Angela Dorothy Farquhar (b 11 Jan, 1948), scion of the Farquhar Baronets (Bt, cr GB, 1796); & the Lady Laura Clare Marsham (b 1984), only daughter of Mchael Henry Marsham, 8th Earl of Romney (b 28 Mar, 1948) (Earl, cr UK, 1801), of Gayton, Norfolk, by his wife the former Catriona Stewart (b 1954), descended from the Barons Cochrane of Cults, &c. -=-

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