Thursday, September 05, 2013

Guy Thresher Speir (born 2013)

Lara Sophie Speir (b 1979, née Harrap), wife of Harry James Speir, scion of the Speir landed family, gave birth to a son, Guy Thresher, 30 Aug, 2013, a brother for Matilda Mary, who was born 3 March 2008. Harry is the younger son of Mr & Mrs Adrian Speir, of Melsonby, North Yorkshire, & Lara is the younger daughter of Mr Simon Richard Harrap (b. 1941) of Bentley, Hampshire, by his wife, the Hon. Diana Akers-Douglas, sister of the 4th Viscount Chilston. Lara Harrap's paternal grandfather, Michael Webster Harrap, married 1940, Cynthia Mary Darell (b. 1916), sister of Sir Jeffrey Lionel Darell, 8th Baronet, and granddaughter of Sir Lionel Darell, 5th Baronet. -=-

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