Friday, September 13, 2013

Cleo Kinvara & Patrick Theodore Boucher (born 2013)

_.Katherine Kinvara (Katie) Boucher {nee Paravicini, born 1978} wife of Matthew J. Boucher, gave birth to twins, a daughter, Cleo Kinvara, and a son, Patrick Theodore, at Abu Dhabi, 22 Aug 2013, siblings for Sam. Matthew Boucher is the younger son of Mr Trevor Boucher, of Hong Kong, and Mrs Mavis Boucher, of Holland Park, London, and Katie is a daughter of Mr John Charles Rudolph Paravicini (b. 1952), of Dummer, Hampshire, descended from the Swynnerton-Dyer Baronets, by his wife the former Louisa Mary Phillimore (b 6 Mar 1954), scion of the Barons Phillimore (Baron, UK, cr 1918). -=-

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