Sunday, May 07, 2006

Zak Edward Ian Cameron-Webb

The Hon. Rachel Louise Cameron-Webb (nee Finch-Knightley, b. 1974) wife of Andrew Cameron-Webb, gave birth to a son, Zak Edward Ian, 30 April, 2006.
Andrew Cameron-Webb is the eldest son of Mrs Ann Cameron-Webb, of The Algarve, Portugal, & Rache is the eldest daughter of Charles Heneage Finch-Knightley, styled Lord Guernsey, [b. 1947], of Packington Hall, Warwickshire, and Lady Guernsey [nee Crawley, of the Crawley-Boevey Baronets], and is a granddaughter of the 11th Earl of Aylesford.

Source: Daily Telegraph 3 May 2006


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