Saturday, May 13, 2006

Thea Marchioness of Ely

Thea Marchioness of Ely, who died 5 May, 2006, was the widow of the 7th Marquess of Ely (1903-69). She was Thea Margaret Gronvold, daughter of Lars G. Gronvold, of Hove, and married in 1928, the then George Henry Wellington Tottenham, styled Viscount Loftus. In 1935 he succeeded his father as Baron Loftus (UK 1801), Earl of Ely, Viscount Loftus, and Marquess of Ely (Ireland created 1801) and a Baronet (cr. 1780). Her husband died in 1969 without issue, and was succeeded by his kinsman. The funeral is at St Paul's Church, Chichester, 17 May, 2006.
Source: Daily Telegraph 11 May, 2006


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