Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lady Stakis, widow of Sir Reo Stakis....

Lady Stakis, who died 6 May, 2006, was the widow of the hotel magnate, Sir Reo Stakis. Her late husband opened Scotland's first casino on his way to building a massive personal fortune - he died in 2001, aged 88. Sir Reo was only 14 when he left his home in Cyprus in 1928 and headed for the UK - with just a suitcase full of lace goods made by his mother and £50 in his pocket. The future could have been so different if a railway official hadn't managed to retrieve the case when it was stolen at London's Victoria Station. She was Annitsa Petroppouou.The funeral took place at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St Luke, Glasgow, 18 May, 2006.

Source: The Times 15 May, 2006

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