Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Joan Coventry

Joan Coventry (nee Briscoe George), who died at her home, 1 April, 2006, aged 91, was the wife of Digby Coventry, and the former wife of Reginald Lacon, scion of the Lacon Baronets (created 1818).

She was Joan Denyer Briscoe George, daughter of Albert J. George. Her kinswoman Vernica Briscoe George was the wife of the 3rd Viscount Selby. Joan married 1stly, 1946, (divorced 1976) Commander Reginald William Beecroft Lacon, DSC, RN (b. 1913), scion of the Lacon Baronets, by whom she had 2 adopted children, George (1955-73) and Victoria (b. 1952).

Her second husband was Digby Coventry. (Possibly a scion of the Earls of Coventry?).

The funeral is at St Mary's Church, Kettlewell, North Yorkshire, 12 Apr 2006

Source: The Times 7 Apr 2006


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