Thursday, April 25, 2019

Hamish John Richard Evans-Freke [born 2019]

 Sally Evans-Freke [nee Trethewie], wife of Charles William Anthony Evans-Freke (b 1981), scion of the Barons Carbery, gave birth to a son, Hamish John Richard, 23 April, 2019, a brother for Alice Margaret Lois, who was born in Singapore, 16 September, 2016.

Charlie Evans-Freke is a son of the Hon John Anthony Evans-Freke (b 1949) son of the 11th Baron Carbery (1920-2012), and his wife the former Veronica Jane Williams, daughter of Maj Eric Williams, of  Lynturk, Alford,  Aberdeenshire.

Sally Evans-Freke is the elder daughter of Mr Richard Trethewie, of Launceston, Tasmania, and Mrs James Davidson, of Melbourne, Victoria.


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