Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Lady Linda Denise Vane Percy 1948-2019

_. The Lady Linda Vane Percy, who died 19 April, 2019, aged 70, was a member of the Grosvenor family, headed by the Croesus-rich Duke of Westminster.

Lady Linda was chatelsine of the 18th century Island Hall, in Godmanchester, ancestral seat of her husband.

She was born the Hon Linda Denise Grosvenor, 29 June, 1948, second daughter of Robert Egerton Grosvenor, 5th Baron Ebury [1914-57], by his second wife the Hon Denise Margaret Yarde-Buller [1916-2005], a daughter of the 3rd Baron Churston.

Her elder half-brother, the 6th Baron Ebury [born 1934], succeeded his fourth cousin, in 1999, as the Earl of Wilton, and she was later raised to the rank and precedence of the daughter of an Earl.

She married, 17 May, 1973, Christopher Vane Percy, by whom she had issue.

The funeral takes place at the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Godmanchester, 7 May, 2019.


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