Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Olga Mary Bland [nee Hohler] 1940-2019

_. Olga Mary Bland [nee Hohler], who died 29 October, 2019, aged 79, was a descendant of the Royal House of Hanover. She was a great-great granddaughter of Prince George, Duke of Cambridge.

She was born at Windsor, 11 October, 1940, daughter of Edward Christopher Hohler [1917-1997], scion of that landed gentry family, by his wife the former Mary Alice Olga Sofia Jane Lane [1919-2014].

Olga's grandfather, Robert Charlton Lane [1873-1943], married 1905, Olga Mary Adelaide FitzGeorge [1877-1928], daughter of Sir Adolphus Augustus Frederick FitzGeorge [1846-1922], son of Field Marshal HRH Prince George, 2nd Duke of Cambridge [1819-1904], grandson of King George III, and a first cousin of Queen Victoria.

Prince George married, in contravention of the Royal Marriages Act 1772, the actress Sarah Louisa Fairbrother [1816-1890]. His wife took the name Mrs FitzGeorge, and their sons took the surname FitzGeorge.

Olga Hohler married 5 July, 1969, Godfrey Hamilton Bland [born 3 July, 1943], son of Capt James Franklin McMahon Bland [1905-84], by his wife the former Jess Buchan Brodie, by whom she had issue, two sons Richard [born 1972], and Alexander [born 1979], and a daughter, Caroline [born 1975].

The funeral takes place at St Nicholas' Church, Sandhurst, Kent, 25 November, 2019.


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