Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Juliet Ramsden dies aged 96

_.Juliet Ramsden, who died 21 Nov, 2019, aged 96, was the wife of the Rt Hon James Ramsden, PC, MP, a former Conservative MP for Harrogate, and a member of Sir Alec Douglas-Home’s cabinet.

Her husband was Tory MP for Harrogate 1954-74, was Secretary of State for War in the brief administration of Sir Alec Douglas-Home, 1963-64. He was sworn of the Privy Council in 1963.

She was a daughter of Sir Charles Ponsonby, 1st Baronet [1879-1976], by his wife the former Hon Winifred Gibbs [1887-1984], scion of the Barons Hunsdon, and married James Ramsden in 1949. She is survived by Mr Ramsden and four of their five children.


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