Sunday, November 03, 2019

April Sebag-Montefiore [nee Jaffé] 1927-2019

_. Phyllis April Sebag-Montefiore [nee Jaffé ], actress and novelist, died 28 October, 2019, aged 92.

She was born in 1927, of Russian/Lithuanian descent, the daughter of Dr Henry Norman Jaffe [1898-1969], by his wife the former Miriam Woolf [1896-1993]; married 1952, Dr Stephen Eric Sebag-Montefiore [1926-2014], socion of that landed family, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Cecil Sebag-Montefiore [1899-1991], by his wife the former Audrey Mabel Rose Haldin [1899-1984], a granddaughter maternally of Sir Herbert Leon, 1st Baronet [1850-1926]. Mrs Sebag-Montefiore leaves four sons, including the writer Simon Sebag-Montefiore [born 1965], who married Santa Palmer-Tomkinson [born 1970], scion of that landed family.


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