Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Arabella Ottilie Anne & Henry Charles Bernard Weatherill [born 2019]

._Lauren Weatherill [nee Coombs], wife ofThomas Bernard Weatherill, gave birth to twins, a daughter Arabella Ottilie Anne, and a son, Henry Charles Bernard, 21 May, 2019, a sister and a brother for Florence & Charlotte.

Thomas, a grandson of a Speaker of the House of Commons, is the son of the Hon Bernard Weatherill, QC (b 1951) & Mrs Sally Weatherill, both of London, & Lauren is a daughter of Dr Timothy Coombs, of Cape Town, South Africa, and Mrs Jane Coombs, of Churchill, Oxfordshire.

Thomas Weatherill is a grandson of the late life peer the Baron Weatherill (1920-2007), who was Bernard Weatherill, MP was Speaker of the House of Commons, 1983-92.


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