Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Alexander Paul Voelcker [born 2019]

_. Sophie Eila Voelcker [nee Brandram, born 23 January, 1981], wife of Humphrey Walter Voelcker (b 1980), gave birth to a son, Alexander Paul, 13 May, 2019, a brother for Maximillian Walter, who was born 4 Feb, 2018.

Humphrey Voelcker is a son of Mr Peter P. Voelcker, of Fowey, Cornwall, by his wife the former Alison Van D. Edwards.

Sophie Voelcker is a scion of the Brandram landed family, & descended from the Royal House of Greece & Denmark, elder daughter of (Richard) Paul George Andrew Brandram (b 1 Apr 1948), of London, by his former 1st wife the former Jennifer Diane Steele (b 1951, now Mrs Robert Enslow, also of London).

Sophie Brandram's paternal grandmother was HRH Princess Katherine of Greece & Denmark (1913-2007), who married Richard Campbell Brandram (1911-94) and became (by courtesy of King George VI)  'Lady Katherine Brandram'. 


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