Monday, March 11, 2019

Betty Patricia Scrope (died 2019)

_. Betty Patricia Scrope, who died 10 March, 2019, aged 87, was the widow of Hugh Everard Scrope (1923-2016).

Her husband, whose surname is pronounced ‘Scroop’ was a scion of the ancient family of Scrope of Danby, Yorkshire, a family written of by Shakespeare, who said they “had the realm in farm”.

The Scrope family produced the Barons Scrope of Bolton, the Barons Scrope of Masham, the Earls of Wiltshire, several archbishops of York, and numerous Knights of the Garter.

The former Betty Wilkinson, daughter of Albert Henry Wilkinson, she married Hugh Scrope in 1952. He died in February, 2016, aged 92.


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