Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Belinda Mary (Min) Murray Threipland (1942-2019)

_. Belinda Mary (Min) Murray Threipland, who died 19 March, 2019, at Salisbury, aged 76, was a socialite, former wife of John Aspinall, and descended from the Merrie Monarch, Charles II.

The former Min Musker, daughter of Major Anthony Musker, she was born 27 November, 1942.

Her mother was the Hon Mary Angela FitzRoy, scion of the Viscounts Daventry, a granddaughter of Edward FitzRoy, Speaker of the House of Commons during the Second World War. The FitzRoys descend from the Dukes of Grafton, illegitimate descendants of the Stuart King.

She wed firstly, 1966, John Aspinall, friend of Lord Lucan. The marriage ended in divorce. She married secondly, in 1972, Stuart Murray Threipland, by whom she had issue.


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