Wednesday, February 06, 2019

The Baroness Weinstock (1920-2019)

_The Baroness Weinstock, who died 29 January, 2019, aged 98, was the widow of the life peer the Baron Weinstock.

Her husband was the British industrialist and businessman famed for building the General Electric Company, one of the nation’s most successful businesses.

She was born in 1920, a daughter of Sir Michael Sobell (1892-1993), by his wife the former Anne Rakusen (who died 1987).  Sir Michael was a businessman and philanthropist and a noted breeder of thoroughbred racehorses.

She married in 1949, Arnold Weinstock (1924-2002), who was created a life Baron in 1980.

Lady Weinstock had two children, the Hon Simon Weinstock (1952-96), who married Laura Legh, a scion of the Barons Newton; and Dr the Hon Susan Lacroix (b 1955).

Her husband died 24 July, 2002.


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