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Monday, May 28, 2018

Sir Gordon Leith-Buchanan, 8th Baronet (died 2018)

_. Sir Gordon Leith-Buchanan, 8th Baronet, was killed in a motor accident, 26 May, 2018, at Haymarket, Prince William County, United States. He was 43.

Gordon Kelly McNicol Leith-Buchanan was born 18 October, 1974, the only son of Sir Charles Leith Buchanan, 7th Baronet (1939-98), of Clifton, Virginia, by his wife the former Marianne Kelly (from whom he was divorced in 1987).

He succeeded to the baronetcy (created in 1775) upon his father's death, 8 February, 1998.

On 26 May, 1998, Sir Gordon lost control of the Kawasaki motor cycle he was driving on Stormy Drive, Haymarket, in Prince William County. The baronet was not wearing a crash helmet. He was taken to hospital where he died shortly after.

The title is now dormant or extinct.


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