Saturday, May 05, 2018

Julia Mary (Judy) Countess of Strafford 1932-2018

_. Julia Mary (Judy) Countess of Strafford, who died at her home near Winchester, 4 May, 2018, aged 86, was the second wife, and widow, of the 8th Earl of Strafford (1936-2016).

She was the former Judy Pilcher, a daughter of Sir Dennis Pilcher, CBE (1906-94), by his wife the former Mary Aumonier (1907-91), and married firstly, 1956, Derek Nicholas Howard (1927-2003), married secondly, 1981, the then Thomas Edmund Byng, styled Viscount Enfield, who succeeded as Earl of Strafford, 4 March, 1984.

Lady Strafford leaves issue from her first marriage, Emma, Polly and Daniel.

A celebration of the Countess of Strafford's life takes place at St Mary's Church, Easton, near Winchester, Friday 18 May, 2018.


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