Monday, April 01, 2013

Diana Mary Miller, suo jure Baroness Fauconberg & Conyers 1920-2013

_. Diana Mary Miller (nee Pelham), suo jure Baroness Fauconberg & Conyers, died 2 March, 2013. She was 92. She was born 5 July, 1920, as Lady Diana Mary Pelham, elder daughter of the 5th Earl of Yarborough (who was 14th Baron Conyers and 7th Baron Fauconberg), by his wife the former Nancy Brocklehurst(d 1977). On her father's demise, 7 Feb, 1948, his baronies fell into abeyance between his two daughters, and the abeyance terminated, 17 May, 2012, with the death of the younger daughter, Lady June Wendy Lycett. Lady Diana married 15 Nov, 1952, Robert Miller, of Harare, Zimbabwe, who died in 1990. Lady Fauconberg & Conyers had two daughters, the Hon Marcia Anne MILLER, renamed on adoption as Anthea Theresa LYCETT (b 21 June 1954). She was adopted by her mother's sister. She is unm and lives in Gloucestershire, and the Hon Beatrix Diana MILLER (b 23 Aug 1955). She m 1991 Simon William JONES ARMSTRONG (d 2012) and has two sons: Guy William Robert (b 1996) and Matthew Charles (b 1998). They live in Kenya. The peerages now fall into abeyance between the Hon Anthea Lycett and the Hon Beatrix Diana Armstrong. -=-

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