Monday, April 08, 2013

The 4th Baron St Levan, DSC 1919-2013

_The 4th Baron St Levan, DSC, who died 7 April, 2013, aged 94, was the driving force behind the St Aubyn family's bequest of St Michael's Mount to the National Trust. John Francis Arthur St Aubyn was born 23 Feb, 1919, son of Francis Cecil St Aubyn, 3rd Baron St Levan (1895-1978), by his wife the former Hon Clementina Nicolson (died 1995)sister of the politician, biographer and writer Sir Harold Nicolson, and scion of the Barons Carnock. Succeeded to the barony (cr UK, 1887) and baronetcy (cr UK, 1866), on his father's demise, 10 July, 1978. Married Dec 1970, Susan Maria Marcia Kennedy (d 21 Feb, 2003), daughter of Maj Gen Sir John Kennedy, of Temple Sowerby Manor, Penrith, Cumberland. There were no children of the marriage. The peerage and baronetcy devolve upon his Lordship's nephew, James Piers Southwell St Aubyn, who was born 6 June, 1950. -=-

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