Sunday, July 21, 2013

Viola Idina Edith Sackville (b 2013)

.__Sophia Georgina M. Sackville (nee Akroyd, b 1984), wife of the Hon Edward Geoffrey Richard Sackville (b 6 Dec, 1980), scion of the Earls De La Warr (Earl GB, 1761), gave birth to a daughter Viola Idina Edith, in July, 2013. Edward is the second son of William Herbrand (Sackville) 11th Earl De La Warr (b 10 Apr, 1948), of Buckhurst Park, Sussex, by his wife the former Anne Leveson; & Sophia is a daughter of the late Mr Mark T.S. Akroyd, by his wife the former Camilla E.L. Milton, now Mrs Christian Dangerfield, of Pencombe, Herefordshire. -=-

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