Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Lady Harwood (1938-2013)

_.Lady Harwood, who died 1 July, 2013, was the wife for over 50 years of the playwright and screenwriter, Sir Ronald Harwood, CBE (b 1934). She was descended from Catherine the Great. The Russian Empress was Lady Harwood's great-great-great-great grandmother. Lady Harwood was born in London in 1938 as Natasha Reihle, younger daughter of William Riehle by his wife Helene Bobrinsky (1914-96). Her maternal grandparents were Count Lev Bobrinsky (1878-1922), who died in a Soviet prison in 1922, by his wife Princess Vera Galitzine (1877-1967). She married Ronald Harwood in 1959, and was mother of Antony (born 1960), Deborah (born 1963), and Alexandra (born 1966). -=-

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