Tuesday, July 09, 2013

St George/Brudenell-Bruce marriage

_.The marriage took place in July, 2013, between Henry Edward Hugh St George (born 1983), son of the late Edward Gerald .Patrick (Barbaro) St George (1928-2004), by his wife the former Lady Henrietta Fortune Doreen FitzRoy (born 14 Sept 1949), & Florence Anne-Marie Brudenell-Bruce (born 21 Nov, 1985), scion of the Marquesses of Bute, daughter of Andrew Robert Jose Brudenell-Bruce (b 27 Jul 1951), by his wife the former Sophie M.J. Inch. Henry St George is a grandson paternally of the Marchese di San Georgio, of Palazzo Armeria, Malta, and a grandson maternally of Hugh Denis Charles FitzRoy, 11th Duke of Grafton, KG (1919-2011). The model Florence 'Flee' Brudenell-Bruce was romantically linked with Prince Harry of Wales. -=-

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