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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Princess Editha Marie Gabrielle Anna of Bavaria 1924-2013

_. Her Royal Highness Princess Editha Marie Gabrielle Anna of Bavaria, who died 4 May, 2013, aged 88, was a daughter of Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria (1869-1955)by his wife Princess Antonia of Luxembourg, and was a granddaughter of Ludwig III, King of Bavaria (1845-1921), who married in 1868, Marie Theresia, Archduchess of Austria-Este, Princess of Modena, who succeeded her paternal uncle Francesco V, Duke of Modena, as representative and heir general of Charles I, King of England, and as such was regarded by British legitimists as "Queen Mary IV & III". Princess Editha was born 16 Sept 1924, the Crown Prince's seventh daughter, and was twice wed, 1stly in 1946, to Tito Brunetti (1905-54), and 2ndly, 1959, Prof Gustav Schimert (1910-90). -=-

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