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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fiona Countess of Arran, widow of the 8th Earl

_.Fiona Countess of Arran, who died at Castle Hill, Devon, 16 May, 2013, was the widow of the 8th Earl of Arran (1910-83). She was born Fiona Bryde Colquhoun, 1st daughter of Sir Ian Colquhoun of Luss, 7th Baronet, KT, DSO, by his wife the former Geraldine Bryde Tennant, and married 11 June, 1937, the Hon Arthur Strange Kattendyke Gore, younger son of the 6th Earl of Arran, KP, PC (1868- d 19 Dec 1958), by his 1st wife Baroness Maud Jacqueline Marie Beauclerk van Kattendyke (d 6 Mar 1927), who succeeded as 8th Earl of Arran on 28 Dec, 1958, his elder brother having enjoyed the family honours for 9 days. Her husband died 23 Feb, 1983. She leaves issue, including the 9th Earl of Arran, who was b 14 Jul 1938. Lady Arran's funeral takes place on Friday 24 May, 2013, at St Paul's Church, Filleigh, near South Molton, Exeter, Devon. -=-

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