Tuesday, June 26, 2012

William Thomas Naylor-Leyland

_.Alice M.A. Naylor-Leyland (nee Dawson) wife of Thomas Philip Naylor-Leyland (b 22 Jan 1982), gave birth to a son, William Thomas (Billy), 25 June, 2012. Tom Naylor-Leyland is the eldest son of Sir Philip Vyvyan Naylor-Leyland, 4th Bt (b 1953), of Milton, Peterborough, by his wife the former Lady Isabella Lambton (b 1956), scion of the Earls of Durham, and Alice M.A. Dawson, daughter of Mr Paul Dawson, of Cologny, Geneva, and Mrs Michael Fresson, of Ham, Wiltshire. 

Tom Naylor-Leyland is a grandson maternally of the (disclaimed) 6th Earl of Durham (1922-2006).  


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