Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Allsopp/Wheeler marriage

_.The marriage took place at Chilham Castle, Kent, in June, 2012, of James Leonard Allsopp (b 1978), scion of the Barons Hindlip, son of the Hon John Peter Allsopp (b 1942), by his wife the former Daryl Shawzin, & Jacquetta Lydia Wheeler (b 1981), second daughter of (John) Stuart Wheeler (b 1935), of Chilham Castle, Kent, by his wife the former Teresa Anne Codrington (b 1944), scion of the Codrington Baronets (cr GB, 1721).
James Allsopp is a grandson of the 5th Baron Hindlip (1912-93) (cr UK, 1886). The bride's father, Stuart Wheeler, is the adopted son of Capt Alexander Hamilton Wheeler, MC (who d 1942), and his wife the former Betty Lydia Gibbons, scion of the Gibbons Baronets (cr GB, 1752), &c.

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