Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Patrick Windham Baring

Johanna M (Jo) Baring (née McDonald), wife of Thomas Patrick Vivian Baring (b 1979) scion of the Earls of Cromer (cr 1901), gave birth to a son, Patrick Windham, 25 April, 2012, a brother for Ludovic John, b 24 April, 2010. Thomas Baring is the second son of the Hon Vivian John Rowland Baring (b 1950), of Lower Swell, Gloucestershire, by his wife (and kinswoman) the former Vivian Gweneth Baring (b 1951), sometime Extra Lady in Waiting to HRH The Princess of Wales 1981-92, and Johanna  is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Terence McDonald, of Oving, West Sussex. 

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