Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wilfred Christopher Michael Hanbury Copcutt

_.Jessica Copcutt (née Hanbury) wife of Nicholas Copcutt, gave birth
to a son, Wilfred Christopher Michael Hanbury, 22 Oct 2009, a brother
for Hector Stanley Hanbury, who was b 1 January, 2005, and for George.

Nicholas Copcutt is the only son of Mr and Mrs Michael Copcutt, of
Bray, Berkshire, and Jessica, (b. 13 April, 1979), is the youngest
daughter of Major Christopher Osgood Philip Hanbury, (b. 1944), & Mrs
Hanbury (nee Bridget Anne Birch), of Hungerford, Berkshire. Jessica is
a granddaughter maternally of Charles Francis Birch (of
Birch, formerly of Clare Park), and is a niece of Mrs A. William A.
Spiegelberg, (nee Birch), mother of the 19th Earl of Derby.


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