Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fergus Timothy Seymour Dawson-Damer

_. Alexandra Louise Dawson-Damer (née Noad) wife since 2003 of the Hon. Henry Lionel Seymour Dawson-Damer, [b. 1971], youngest son of the 7th Earl of Portarlington, & the Countess of Portarlington, of Gledswood, Roxburghshire, and Sydney, Australia, gave birth to a son, Fergus Timothy Seymour, 5 Nov 2009, at Sydney, Australia, a brother for Jasper George Seymour, b at Sydney, 15 December, 2005, and for
Grace Francesca Seymour, b Sydney, 28 Nov 2007. Alexandra Dawson-Damer is the only daughter of Mr Timothy Noad, of Nairobi, Kenya, and Mrs Peter de Rougemont, of Alderney, Channel Islands.


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