Saturday, November 14, 2009

Savannah Aurora Melrose-Cantouris

_.Charlotte Amaryllis Melrose-Cantouris (née FitzGeorge-Balfour, b 29
Sept 1981), wife of Andrew Cantouris (or Melrose-Cantouris), gave
birth to a daughter, Savannah Aurora, 9 Oct, 2009.

Andrew is a son of Mr & Mrs John Cantouris, of Sherston, Wilts, &
Charlotte, a descendant of the Royal Family
of the United Kingdom of Gt Britain & Ireland, is a daughter of Robin
Victor Fitzgeorge-Balfour (b London 5 June 1951), by his wife the
former Patricia Rountree (b 27 Mar 1952).

The infant is a gt-granddaughter paternally of Sir Robert Fitzgeorge-
Balfour (1913-94), and a great-great-granddaughter of Mabel Iris
Fitzgeorge (1886-1976), and a gt-gt-gt-granddaughter of George William
Adolphus Fitzgeorge (1843-1907), who was a natura son of HRH Prince
George, Duke of Cambridge (1819-1904), by Sarah Louise Fairbrother,
known as Mrs Fitzgeorge (1816-90)


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