Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hon David Layton dies

The Hon David Layton, who has died, was the son of the 1st Baron LAYTON (cr UK 1947) and Eleanor Dorothea daughter of Francis Beresford Plumptre OSMASTON. He married
1st 1939 (div 1972) Elizabeth, dau of Rev Robert Miller GRAY, of Hampstead and had two sons: Jonathan Francis b 1942 married with two sons and a dau; and Mark Oliver b 1944 and unmarried (according to Debrett’s but note Burke’s has him married to Penelope HAMILTON, no issue); and a dau Hilary Ruth b 1947 and unmarried. David Layton married 2nd 1972 Joy PARKINSON. He was heir presumptive to his nephew, the 3rd Baron, a place now taken by his eldest son. His younger brother survives him. He is the Hon Christopher Walter LAYTON b 1929 and thrice married with one son (John Stephen b 1955, unm) and four daus. He and his son occupy the final 4th and 5th
positions in the line of succession to the barony.


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