Friday, April 24, 2009

Elizabeth (Elsie) Katherine Barnett

Augusta Mary (Gussy) Barnett (née Peto, b 1977), wife of William G. Barnett, & scion of the Peto Baronets (cr 1927), gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth (Elsie) Katherine, 17 April, 2009.

Will Barnett is the eldest son of the late Charles Barnett and Mrs Barnett, of Northumberland, and Augusta is a daughter of Jonathan Basil Morton Peto (b. 1942), of Woodbridge, Suffolk, by his wife the former Hon. Selina Lilian Hughes-Young (b. 1944), daughter of the 1st Baron St Helens, MC, by his wife Elizabeth Blakiston-Houston, of the Baronets of that name.

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