Friday, February 02, 2007

Very Rev Dick Wingfield Digby

The Very Rev Richard Shuttleworth "Dick" Wingfield Digby, Dean of Peterborough, 1966-80, who was born 19 August, 1911; died 29 January, 2007, at the age of 95. Scion of the LG family of that name, he was renowned as the Dean of Peterborough Cathedral who restored the building and its community ...
Dick Wingfield Digby was an outstanding Dean of Peterborough who brought method and reliability to the life and administration of that great but fragile Midlands cathedral. He arrived to find much of the precincts in disrepair, the deanery unusable, the organ, heating and fabric needing attention and only 700 Friends (a neighbouring cathedral had 5,000). He restored the cathedral and created a happy and confident worshipping community. He knew the congregation personally, encouraged regular worshippers to play a part in financing the cathedral and sharing in the revised worship and liturgical changes.

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