Friday, February 02, 2007

Cosmo William Nicholas Stirling

Zoƫ Stirling (nee Heptonstall) wife since January, 2003, of Duncan William Angus Stirling, [b. 1963], only son of Sir Angus Stirling, Kt, [b. 1933], and Lady Stirling, [nee Schofield], gave birth to a 3rd son, Cosmo William Nicholas, 30 December, 2006, a brother for Angus and Orlando.
Duncan Stirling is a grandson paternally of Duncan Alexander Stirling, who married 1926, Lady Marjorie Hilda Murray, [b. 1904], daughter of the 8th Earl of Dunmore. Duncan's maternal grandfather, William George Broadbent Schofield, married 1933, the Hon. Armyne Margaret Astley, second daughter of the 21st Baron Hastings.

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