Friday, February 02, 2007

General Sir David Mostyn

General Sir (Joseph) David Frederick Mostyn, who died 20 January, 2007, aged 78, was Adjutant-General from 1986 to 1988; as a young officer in the Green Jackets he played an important role in suppressing a rebellion in Brunei. In December 1962 an insurrection broke out in the British Protectorate of Brunei, and 1st Green Jackets (1GJ), based at Penang, Malaya, moved at short notice to Singapore and embarked in the cruiser, Tiger. The ship was designed to accommodate no more than 400 troops, and, as the last of the 619 men filed on board, the captain was heard to exclaim: "For God's sake, let's sail before we sink!" He was a scion of the Mostyn Baronets, b. 1928, son of Joseph Philip David Mostyn (1894-1929).

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