Saturday, January 06, 2007

Kate Middleton/Beatrix Potter

>From the Daily Express: "What do Peter Rabbit and the woman tipped to marry Prince William have in common? Plenty, it seems. Kate Middleton, we can reveal, shares a family tree with children's author Beatrix Potter, whose film biography starring Renee Zellweger opens today.
Explains our genealogy expert: "Kate is a descendant of a well-heeled Leeds dynasty, the Luptons, and is a cousin of two Lupton sisters - Elizabeth & Elinor - who were cousins of Miss Potter. They received illustrated greeting cards from the author in the early days of the 20th century."
This article does not say that Kate is a cousin of Beatrix Potter, but that Kate had relations who were themselves related to the authoress.
These articles go a step further and wenow have the future Queen as a kinswoman of Miss P.

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