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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Smyly/Reid marriage

The marriage took place, 8 July, 2006, at the Church of Our Lady and St Andrew, Galashiels, between Richard (Dick) Smyly (b. 1972), son of Robert Dennis Smyly (b. 1945), of Sunderland Hall, Galashiels, descended from the Barons Buckland, by his wife the former (Charmian) Miranda Muir Mackenzie (b. 1948), scion of the Muir Mackenzie Baronets, & Henrietta E.L. Reid, second daughter of Mr & Mrs David Reid, of Portmore, Peebles.
Richard Smyly's paternal grandfather Colonel Dennis Douglas Pilkington Smyly, DSO, JP, DL, married in 1939, thre Hon Dororthy Margaret Berry (b. 1914), one of the 5 daughters of the 1st (and last) Baron Buckland (b. 1877, d. 23 May 1928).

Source: Daily Telegraph 10 July, 2006


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