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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ponsonby/Gordon Lennox engagement

The engagement was announced 1 March, 2006, between the Hon. (Ashley) George Ponsonby (b. 1959), scion of the Barons De Mauley, secnd son of the late Hon Thomas Maurice Ponsonby, TD, by his wife Maxine Henrietta Thellusson, & Mrs Camilla Douglas (Millie) Gordon Lennox (b. 1966), of Burghclere, Hampshire, former wife of Angus Charles Gordon Lennox (b. 1964), scion of the Dukes of Richmond & Gordon, and daughter of Alan Douglas Pilkington (b. 6 Mar 1938), scion of the BLG family of Pilkington of Reay, by his wife, the former Penelope Butler-Henderson (b. 1940), scion of the Barons Faringdon, daughter of Edward Butler-Henderson (b. 1916), by his wife Elizabeth Marjorie Dacres Dixon (descended from the Earls of Yarborough).George Ponsonby is a younger brother of the 7th Baron De Mauley. Mrs Gordon Lennox's maternal grandfather, Edward Butler-Henderson, is a son of the Hon Eric Butler-Henderson (1884-1953), by his wife the Hon Sophia Isabelle (Zoe) Butler-Massey, daughter of the 5th Baron Clarina. The Hon Eric Butler Henderson was the yst son of the 1st Baron Faringdon.

Source: The Times 1 March, 2006

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